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New Articles from Ted Antry, O.Praem, added

I received today some articles that Theodore Antry, O.Praem, of Daylesford Abbey translated. Ted indicated that he has been doing some translating over the years on things about canons regular. "I've done these basically for the classes that I teach to novices." I have added these to the website. Additionally, Ted supplied an update to the Bibliography on Canons Regular that I posted. He said this about the updated bibliography: "Since I don't know totally all that I've added to that bibliography I'll send it again as an attachment here. There are three authors that I know are new to the bibliography. They are Brigitte Langefeld, Jerome Bertram, and Martin A. Claussen. All three have written recently on the Rule of Chrodegang and canonical life. There is also material in them on the Rule of Aachen." Thanks to Ted for sending along this material.

Bibliography added under Canons Regular

Ted Antry, O.Praem, of Daylesford Abbey has been gathering resources on Canons Regular and the Norbertines for a number of years. He shared with me a bibliography which I have in turn posted.

New files added

I have added some new files, especially to the OSC-Crosier section. Obviously, as a Crosier, I have more resources available under this area, but I am looking for documents and articles about canons regular in general and other orders of canons regular. Send them along.

Introducing the Canons Regular website

Jim Hentges osc introduces the website