Canons Regular

Spirituality, Liturgy, History and Traditions of Canons Regular


I have started this website for and about Canons Regular. The main purpose of this site is to gather and make available resources about the spirituality, history, liturgy and the traditions of canons regular, and specifically orders of canons regular. So, the heart of the site at this moment are the pages for various orders and congregations of canons regular which have downloadable files or links to resources elsewhere. While I have only just begun to upload files that I have collected, I hope to make available some significant resources. Generally, I will limit my posts to the English language unless the resource is only available in another language. The reason for this is to put some limits on the site (and the amount of time I can devote to this site). It would be too burdensome on the site (available space) and on me to post everything out there on canons regular. But if something is available in another location (another website) in other languages, I would be more than happy to provide a link to that site. So, contact me if you have suggestions for resources or if you have resources you would like to share. I can be contacted through the link at the bottom of most pages of this site.

James Hentges, osc